How is GGFC different?

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We have the broadest natural reach of any private equity management firm in the country.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy has enabled us to create a strong, proven track record across funds, industries, regions and business segments.

Our Collaborative Culture

Our collaborative culture downplays ego and celebrates teamwork. We are staffed by a stable team of senior level investment professionals who have had experience from global investment banks.


GGFC has a social enterprise mission to make a positive impact on the Ghanaian society.

Our Approach

GGFC provides the highest quality professional service to clients in all 10 regions of Ghana.

Our Expertise

GGFC has structured a diverse range of transactions supporting client on a variety of business sectors. We have the skills to grow your business. GGFC has consistently set new standards of achievement in the private investing business. We have a record of accomplishments that distinguishes us as creative and innovative investors.

Over the past two years, GGFC has continued to lead the industry by adapting to a range of economic environments, entering new markets, and finding creative solutions to meet the needs of the companies in which we invest.

GGFC is recognized as one of the country’s most successful private investors. We currently have a portfolio comprising more than 200 companies, each of which is our partner in creating value.
Our portfolio encompasses a number of industries such as construction, manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare, industrial and financial services.

Private Equity

GGFC invests in companies poised for significant improvement or growth that attract high-quality management teams. Our approach is to combine our platform of global resources with our industry knowledge and operational expertise to help improve our portfolio of companies over the long-term. Central to this approach is our belief that our private investment model can be a powerful catalyst for improving companies. Our portfolio often benefits from the capabilities and expertise of our extensive network of Senior Advisors, operational experts, and business contacts. When we invest in a company, all of GGFC goes to work on behalf of the investment.

Financial Services

GGFC relies on its industry expertise, extensive footprint and management know-how to create investment opportunities that generate exceptional returns. GGFCs’ team has enormous experience across all sectors of the financial services industry, providing strong historical knowledge, working relationships with key financial service players and deep expertise to guide our investment choices. Since its inception, GGFC has adopted an industry-focused approach to investing. In- depth knowledge of specific industries improves our ability to source and create deals, conduct effective due diligence and develop strong relationships with management teams. Also a conservative and disciplined investment philosophy produces the highest consistent returns. We seek to make sound investments in good companies that we help build strong management teams and we structure their transactions carefully. We also draw on existing relationships as well as forging new ones to bring the most value to the investment, be it during the due diligence phase or in advising clients in ongoing operations. Lastly, we pursue investments only if we believe we have an edge over our competition in the form of deep industry knowledge, extensive expertise, positive relationships with management teams, the ability to move quickly to commit to transactions, and/or the opportunity to participate in strategic joint ventures with corporate partners.

Construction Financing

Currently our portfolio constitutes about 90% construction companies. Our funding supports the capital and operating requirements of these companies. The determination of the Government of Ghana to eradicate schools under tress, combined with the need to provide good access roads in the country has created an unprecedented need for investment in Schools, Roads and Bridges. The intensity of the capital and operating requirements is substantially heightened by the fact that not many financial institutions are doing what GGFC does. GGFC has invested in the construction industry for the past two years, and we have built a business around making investments that take advantage of this growing demand for construction finance.

Roads and Bridges

In Ghana, the Ministry of Roads and Highways gives 90% of all available road works to the private sector for execution through contracting, whiles retaining the remaining 10% to be executed by the Ministries. GGFC is committed to developing true partnerships with both public and private operators of infrastructure assets.
We look to bring much needed private capital and innovation to the delivery of good road networks, while maintaining effective government oversight and input. In the private sector, the ability to be partners with recognized road contractors is the preferred approach for investments made by GGFC.


We target government school building opportunities, including property-level equity, debt and special situations transactions and businesses with significant real estate holdings that can benefit from GGFCs’ operational expertise. We seek to partner with building contractors, real estate owners, lenders, operators, and developers to provide flexible capital to respond to transaction specific needs, including the outright financing of existing projects or companies and the funding of future development or acquisition opportunities. Also, our capital can invest in private and public school building projects and real estate securities across the capital structure. As a leading Ghanaian investment firm with significant project financing experience, we have the resources and global network of professional relationships to make us a partner of choice.


GGFC has the experience and resources to identify and capitalize on a wide range of manufacturing investment opportunities. Our strategy includes collaborating with both strategic buyers and seasoned industry executives to improve the operations and competitive positioning of clients. Boko Quarry Limited is a beneficiary of this approach as we worked with the company’s management.

Boko Quarry Limited

Boko Quarry Limited was established in 2011 under the laws of Ghana after a change of name from Uhuru Quarry Limited. The Quarry was established in 2007 and located at Yesu Nkwa near Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana with the focus of delivering quality quarry products for the construction and infrastructure industry. However, Boko Quarry Limited operations stalled due to worn out equipments and poor management practices, though demand was exceeding supply especially from the Ghana Highway Authority’s annual requirements for supply of granite products for the construction industry. Presently, the construction industry is experiencing substantial investment flow into infrastructure development, particularly in the provision of granite boulders- whether it is for filling the sea defense, construction or extension of a Harbor, bridge and dam construction, or for land reclamation. Through an equity financing arrangement with Boko Quarry Limited, GGFC is re-structuring Boko’s operations; we will employ superior state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment with the view of maintaining the quality of the quarry operations. Efficiency and effectiveness is our hallmark as we always deliver on our promise.

Boko is expected to commence operations from April 27th 2012, with the capacity to produce over 300,000 metric tonnes of quarry products per year. The quarry will be the third largest quarry plant in the country. Efforts will be made to increase this capacity and meet the quarry needs of Ghana's vibrant and rapidly expanding construction industry. It is also expected to produce over 72 direct jobs and 400 indirect jobs for the local community.

Infrastructure and Construction School Buildings

GGFC is the nation’s leader in providing capital for infrastructure and construction. An integral aspect of our approach is partnership with communities, local governments, and ministries to build the critical factors that build and create a better future. Whilst steps are being made to address educational gaps and meet the Millennium Development Goal two of achieving universal primary education by 2015, GGFC has provided capital for 204 Schools across the country. Our intervention provided the needed impetus to create a better future. So far, the provision of numerous schools by GGFC has facilitated the elimination of the current shift system, which encouraged truancy and delinquency among pupils.